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Hi, my name is Joke (really) and I run a professional web design business based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. But whether you live in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, New York, Sydney or Siberia, I am happy to make an effort to work with you wherever you are.

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I design and develop websites that look great, help people find what they are looking for and help sell your business.

I specialise in WordPress development and build beautiful, bespoke WordPress websites. I make sure your site is easy for your customers, and simple for you to update.

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  • Because I am good at what I do.
  • Because I am committed to deliver your project on time, within budget and meeting all your requirements.
  • Because I have a funny name.
  • Because your current website was built by an amateur, and what you need is a professional. Like me.

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We Care Clothing

December 2014

I am so pleased with the work Joke has done in creating my website. From its inception through gestation on to launch day and beyond, her work rate and enthusiasm never waned or failed her. She is confident in the knowledge she has in her subject, which inspires trust and confidence in her and her abilities. Joke was always patience with me, and answered questions with clarity and simplicity, and has provided after sales service and support when needed. 

  • Sharon Murphy
  • Owner
We Care Clothing

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Do you have a project ready to get of the ground? Download the project planner to get you started, fill it in, email it back to me and I will get in touch as soon as possible.

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Or if you would like to talk through your project, call me: +44 (0) 7701 066 665.


Setting up an online shop

I have had a few enquiries lately from people who want to set up an e-commerce website. All but one were new businesses without an existing customer list. Setting up a business that sells online might be easier than setting up a high street shop, but either way, without customers neither will be successful. So […]

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