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Becoming illiterate

Handwritten extract from my grandfather's thesis.

As humans we have come a long way since evolving from primates and deciding to have a go at walking upright. Along the way we learned to speak in many different tongues. We tamed fire. We moved out of the cave into purpose build homes. We became artists, scientist and everything between. Above all we […]

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El Lissitzky

Study for a page of the book "Of Two Squares: A Suprematist Tale in Six Constructions".

1890-1941 El Lissitzky was born in Russia as Lazar Markovich Lissitzky —you can call him El— and lived life to the full. He became accomplished and influential in painting, architecture, photography and graphic design. Most of his work uses geometric shapes and a strong grid. Often with a limited colour palette, asymmetry, diagonals and sans […]

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Smashing Conference, Freiburg

Day 1: Rachel Andrew: When using CSS grid @support is your friend. Alla Kholmatova: The right design system for you is where you are able to manage the downsides effectively. Michael Riethmuller: A media query does a hard change of a setting at that point. This causes stress points to the design just before and […]

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Patterns Day

A brief summary of the Patterns Day in Brighton Laura Elizabeth: Design systems are hard, that’s why they are only useful to create if the need exceeds the effort. Ellen De Vries: The story is what holds everything together. Sarah Heidani: When adding a new pattern variation to your CSS, ask yourself if that is […]

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Fashion analogy

A comparison between responsive web design and a little black dress

How do I best describe the type of web design I do to someone who is a complete novice when it comes to websites? Most people are familiar with using a website, but making one is a different matter all together. For many people the “making a website” part is a dark art. I also […]

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Adaptive Web Design, book review

Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson

Adaptive Web Design Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement – a (very good) book by Aaron Gustafson I learned to code and build websites years ago, but every now and then it’s good to take stock and read a book about it. One such book that is a very good read is Adaptive Web Design […]

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