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Adaptive Web Design, book review

Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson

Adaptive Web Design Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement – a (very good) book by Aaron Gustafson I learned to code and build websites years ago, but every now and then it’s good to take stock and read a book about it. One such book that is a very good read is Adaptive Web Design […]

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Teaching is thirsty business

Code First: Girls logo

Last week I finished teaching the HTML/CSS for Beginners course from Code First: Girls at Loughborough University. It was my first ever stint of teaching. Teaching is hard, teaching code is even harder. That said, it’s been a great experience, and one I would like to do again. If only to get better and iron […]

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My 10k Apart entry is a Notable Project

Country Hopping, a 10k Apart 2016 competition entry

Another 10k Apart competition, and another Notable Mention! After taking a break for a few years the 10k Apart competition was back this summer with a new challenge. Build a compelling web experience, delivered in 10kb or less and make it work without JavaScript. Having taken part in the two previous editions I went to […]

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Reasons To, London

Reasons To lanyard

A few weeks ago I attended Reasons To in London (February 19, 2016). It was a spur of the moment decision after the cancellation of the Future of Web  Design. The  theme of the day was about doing something you love and keep doing it. Not a revolutionary idea, but an important one to remember […]

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Daily UI Challenge, week 20

Categories, Daily UI Challenge

The last five challenges! It’s been an interesting challenging with plenty of ups and downs. I am glad I made it to the end, but I don’t think I would do it again. A review post will follow later this week. View the images on Dribbble: 100 Redesign Daily UI Landing-Page, 099 Categories, 098 Advertisement, 097 […]

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