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My 10k Apart entry is a Notable Project

Country Hopping, a 10k Apart 2016 competition entry

Another 10k Apart competition, and another Notable Mention! After taking a break for a few years the 10k Apart competition was back this summer with a new challenge. Build a compelling web experience, delivered in 10kb or less and make it work without JavaScript. Having taken part in the two previous editions I went to […]

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Notable Mention

How Far To The Top Of The World

A few months ago An Event Apart announced this years edition of the 10k competition, and so I set out to build another little 10k web application. And guess what? My entry is one of the Notable Mentions in the competition. That’s not a win, but I did receive some books as a price, so […]

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Arty Bollocks Generator

Artybollocks, version 01 - as seen on the 10k website

A little thing I made last year has been discovered by the world over the weekend. I think the term is viral – it’s flattering, but also a bit strange actually. About a year ago I read about the 10k competition by An Event Apart where the brief was to develop a web app using […]

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