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Daily UI Challenge, week 20

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The last five challenges! It’s been an interesting challenging with plenty of ups and downs. I am glad I made it to the end, but I don’t think I would do it again. A review post will follow later this week. View the images on Dribbble: 100 Redesign Daily UI Landing-Page, 099 Categories, 098 Advertisement, 097 […]

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Daily UI Challenge, week 18

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More recycling and repurposing of previous challenges. It wasn’t intended but I quite like that this group has a similar theme running through it. In hindsight I think that is what should be the key of this exercise. Pick a theme or style and apply it to all challenges. Hindsight. Such a lovely thing. View […]

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Daily UI Challenge, week 16

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Had another go at creating some gifs for two of the challenges this week. Felt appropriate for the Loading challenge. For the Thank You challenge I used a gif to show the button response on clicking the button. View the images on Dribbble: 080 Date Picker, 079 Itinerary, 078 Pending Invitation, 077 Thank You, 076 […]

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Daily UI Challenge, week 15

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Another random collection of UI elements. The virtual reality one was interesting, as I have no interest in it at all. Having your vision overlaid with information would irritate me no end. But the technology is still quiet young. Perhaps when it takes off in earnest they will have found an irritation free solution. View […]

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