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Some thoughts after user testing a website

As a web designer you aim to design and built websites that will be intuitive to use and convert website visitors into customers. We count on knowledge, experience and assumptions (these are dangerous). But what matters to is the average website visitor who will be using the websites we design. So hello to user testing. […]

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The logo is the home button

During the discovery phase of a web design project a few years ago, the client showed me a whole range of websites he liked and disliked. Several of these sites had no obvious link in their navigation to go back to the home page. On each of them I watched as he  went back to […]

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NET magazine design challenge

Can & Jar featured in the Net Magazine design challenge

Every month NET magazine features a design challenge where three designers create a website based on a fictional brief. I was asked to take part in the challenge a few months ago and the result is featured in this months NET magazine. The brief was to design a website for a party planning business. On […]

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Adobe Project Comet. Will it be a game changer in web design?

Earlier this week Adobe introduced Project Comet. A new tool for designing and prototyping user experiences. Project Comet is one tool for wireframing, design, prototyping and live previews. As far as I am aware the only thing it doesn’t do is code. It will be available early next year through Creative Cloud. From what they […]

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