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Ampersand Conference

Ampersand Conference pass, 2015

A summary of the conference in Brighton last Friday. Indra Kupferschmid Reading long text encourages continuity. Links in long text should styled, but not in a disruptive way so that it breaks the continuity. The design and layout of pages should give a clear sign of importance and hierarchy of the content. A visitor should […]

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Typekit lemonade

This morning Typekit went down. Suddenly the web was caught with no clothes on. Well, not really, but something like that anyway. Typekit serves fonts to a large number of websites and all reverted to their fallback fonts to display the content. That is if there were fallback fonts in place. When the world gives […]

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Just My Type

Just My Type, a book about fonts by Simon Garfield

Just My Type is an entertaining history about fonts and typefaces (I finally know the difference between them) and gives an insight in the people behind the fonts we use today, the era in which they were created, for what purpose and how printing has evolved since Gutenberg.

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