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Plugins: useful, but they can bite you too.

WordPress may be ten years old, but I have only been using it for five. Hesitantly at first. A little more confident later. Pulling out all the stops and having fun now. The thing that helped me along at the start were plugins. I had to learn PHP and plugins bridges the gap between my […]

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WordPress, 10 years old

WordPress logo

WordPress, my weapon of choice in content management systems, celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday. For an open source project that’s pretty good. For me the strength of WordPress has always been the community behind the scenes. All those people giving up time to help build the platform over the years to make it bigger and […]

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If Windows is giving you a WordPress permalink headache

As a web designer my content management system of choice is WordPress. And this requires installing WordPress on the server where the website is going to live. It’s easy. It takes five minutes. Providing you install it on a Linux server, because that’s the preferred environment for WordPress. But not all web servers are Linux. […]

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