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Hilary Robinson

Hilary Robinson is a children’s author with more than 30 published children’s books.

Screenshot Hilary Robinson website

I started working with Hilary in January 2010 with the view to launch the site later that year in September. In the meantime, to mark the re-launch of The Big Book of Magical Mix Ups, a teaser site was developed.

The Big Book of Magical Mix Ups, a collaboration between Hilary Robinson and illustrator Nick Sharratt, is a book with split pages so hundreds of hilarious spells can be mixed up to provide hours of fun. The teaser website includes a small game to simulate this.

Holding page for Hilary Robinson website (2010)
Holding page for Hilary Robinson website (2010)

The final website was launched on time on September 1st 2010. It features all Hilary’s books, two animated versions of her books and a news section where she can announce new books or special events. The site is build with WordPress and the content can be managed by Hilary herself.

Update March 2015

This was one of the first websites I build as a Sole Trader and the launch of the website coincided more or less with the introduction of Responsive Web Design. It has been bugging me ever since that this site missed out on being responsive. But in early March I had some time available to finally bring this site up-to-date with the rest of my portfolio. I kept most of the original design, but it now also looks nice when you view it on smaller viewports.

Joke is a totally efficient and organised professional in all aspects of her work. A thorough researcher with a creative eye she never loses sight of the main purpose and is able to combine painstaking detail with accurate and imaginative vision.

As a children’s author I spent some time looking for a designer who would consider ways in which a website could appeal to adults as well as to children – someone who could consider the multifaceted ways in which  both my work and the publishing world is developing and  evolving  - e books, animations, imaginatively produced blogs and so on – and I felt that her methodical manner, experience as a photographer and work in the media – combined with her creative approach would work for me.

We have an ongoing development agreement which means that the site will be regularly refreshed and will, at some point including other areas that will become a showcase for  my feature writing and broadcasting work.

Above all Joke is patient and a pleasure to work with!  I am so pleased that this e-stress has been relieved and I have a website of which I am immensely proud.

— Hilary Robinson, Author

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