What can you do with 10Kb

How far to the top of the world?

My 2011 entry to the 10k Apart competition.

How far to the top of the world

The competition sets you the challenge to design and build a web application of which the total size is no more than 10Kb.

This application uses geolocation to determine where in the world you are and then calculates the distance between you and Mount Everest. You might think that’s not a very useful thing to know, but does that matter? It’s just a bit of fun and a good opportunity to learn more about geolocation, Google Maps and SVG images.

How far to the top of the world

And as far as usefulness goes the application also gives you the latitude and longitude values of any location you enter, and as a web designer that comes in quite handy when I need to implement a map on a client’s website. So there, useful after all.

How far to the top of the world

This little app also got me a notable mention in the competition. More of which you can read in the news section.