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Pavilion Garden Studios

A garden building with a difference

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Pavilion Garden Studios is a new type of garden building offering modern technology in a classic style. Mark Walker from Hub Haus Ltd who created the Pavilion Garden Studios came to me last year with his idea and asked me to build the website.

Together with David James Ross we put together a content structure around a series of questions potential customers might have regarding the pavilion rooms. All the information is listed on one page to allow users to scroll down the page and read more about the product as they go along.

This is the first website I created using Kirby CMS. Because it is a one-page website I felt that using a database driven CMS like WordPress would be overkill. I also wanted to try Kirby to see how it worked and if it would be a suitable alternative for smaller sites which require less of the power of WordPress. Kirby turned out to be perfect. It’s small, doesn’t have a database, but has all the features you expect a solid CMS to have.

User testing

Six months after the launch of the website we followed to see how the site was working out for Mark. As part of this we did some user testing in January 2016. One of the things we discovered during that was that a one page website was not helping users to find the information they wanted. Despite everything being on one page our users expected separate pages. As a result of that I did a little redesign and built to include separate pages.

Working with Joke was a real pleasure I found her methodical process of gaining a deep understanding of both myself as the creator and designer and the product concept was reassuring and comforting. Asking all the right questions to gain a clear understanding of how the product works and how it is placed within a busy market place.

Creatively Joke had a strong influence in creating the overall look and again took time to make final selections of all photography, type styles and branding.

As she says its straightforward web design, but we found this simplicity was achieved by a great deal of research, understanding and experience to support it. We are extremely happy with the super fast results and look forward to an ongoing relationship with Joke.

— Mark Walker, Director of Hub Haus Ltd

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