Fashion analogy

Author: Joke De Winter

A comparison between responsive web design and a little black dress

How do I best describe the type of web design I do to someone who is a complete novice when it comes to websites? Most people are familiar with using a website, but making one is a different matter all together. For many people the “making a website” part is a dark art. I also think that many people think it’s easy to make a website (sometimes I wish I thought like that as well).

For the sake of this analogy lets keep it simple and divide “making a website” up in two groups: expensive and cheap. I am in the mildly expensive camp. Judging by the gasps of some enquiries possibly the very expensive camp.

But here is my analogy.

Cheap web design is like high street fashion. It’s made for the masses. It’s of the shelf. It looks good. An and it fits – for the most part.

What I do is haute couture. It’s designed and tailor made to the clients requirements and measurements. It takes time and skill to complete. It’s one of a kind and fits like a glove.