How to spot a good client?

Author: Joke De Winter

There are many ways to go about this and any of the following are good indications:

  • They don’t haggle you down when you quote your price.
  • They pay the first payment for the project promptly.
  • They sign your Terms & Conditions without hesitation (although if they ask questions about it first, that could be good too – show they’ve read them).
  • They value your expertise and want to hear your ideas.

But what will really tell you wether this person is a good potential client is the quality of the coffee they give you:

  • If it’s instant stuff: make a polite excuse and walk away.
  • If the meeting is in a trendy coffee shop then prick up your ears: this could go places.
  • If it’s home made coffee in one of those Italian coffee maker things: you’re on to a winner.

If you’re the tea drinking kind then a good sign would be Assam leaf tea served in a glass. But who does that this side of the English Channel?