How much does a website cost?

Between £1,785 and £5,950

Timescale is around 12 weeks, provided all content is delivered on time and sign off on project stages are done in a timely manner.

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Every website is different

Like a piece of string every website is different. No price fits all, and the total cost has nothing to do with the number of pages of the website.

What is included?

  • Custom design to fit with your branding, company or preference
  • A responsive layout that will adapt to the screen size on which the website is displayed
  • A search engine friendly website to give you a head start in being found on Google
  • A content management system to make updating the content of your website easy
  • Installation of your website on your domain and hosting
  • User guide to help you with updating the content of your website

What is not included?

Cost of domain and hosting

Domain and hosting costs are not included, but I am happy to help in setting these up.

Typical annual costs for domain and hosting is around £ 70 depending on domain extension (.com,, etc.) and hosting provider.

Additional functionality

This will be quoted separately if required.

Small additions which can be done in a 4 hours or less will be quoted at £ 50 per hour. Larger additional functionality will be quoted as a fixed price starting from £ 300.

A website is for life, not just for Christmas

Ongoing help & maintenance

A website is for life and not just for Christmas. And so ongoing help and maintenance is available at a small monthly fee of £ 9.50 paid annually.

Many other web offers hide the cost of maintenance. The maintenance package is based on experience of working with other clients. This is what is typically required unless extra functionality is requested.

The maintenance package includes:

  • Keeping WordPress and any plugins up-to-date with the latest version which is important for website security.
  • Monthly backups of all website content so you don’t lose anything and everything will keep on working.
  • Bug fixes for any issues that may arise from an update.
  • Up to 6 hours per calendar year of making additions/changes to content and minor functionality adjustments.