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Content precedes design.
Design in absence of content is not design, it's decoration.”

— Jeffrey Zeldman

Content Strategy & Creation

Content is the most important part of your website and writing content is hard. To make sure your website will perform well with customers and search engines I work with trusted associate David James Ross who offers a content package for your website.

David will craft your web content while you get on with running your business

People who run successful businesses don’t have time to write web copy. At best, they knock something together they hope will be good enough. But if your website is the customer’s first impression of your business, is it wise to skimp on the content?

The problem of writing it yourself

As a business owner, you know about your products, markets and customers. But do you know how to:

  • Write for the way people use websites?
  • Write for search engines as well as customers?
  • Write what will make online customers want to buy?

Writing for websites isn’t the same as writing for print. Nor is it like writing reports, letters, proposals or anything else the typical business owner regularly writes.

The online attention span is much shorter than offline. People won’t forgive you if your copy is too long or too difficult. They’ll just move on.

And as well as customers, Google is reading your website every day. If it understands and likes what it sees, it will rank your site higher. If it sees your customers liking your site, it will rank it higher still.

Typical faults seen in web copy

Content produced by business owners typically shows these faults:

  • Words, sentences and paragraphs that are too long.
  • Industry jargon instead of the language of customers.
  • No clear calls-to-action at important decision points.
  • Little or no use of hyperlinking, even though it is important to both customers and Google.
  • Structure based upon the organisation of the business rather that the interests of customers.
  • A lack of cues such as subheadings that make information easy to find.

Any of these faults will reduce the effectiveness of your website. Several combined will limit your results, no matter how good the design. I’m sure that’s not what you want.

Good copy doesn’t cost thousands of pounds – and soon pays for itself in customers and sales

You know about your products, customers and markets. I know how to structure content so that it works for both people and search engines. By working together, we can make something that gets the results you need from your website. I’ll learn about your business, customers and market by asking questions and talking to you face-to-face or over the phone. I’ll add insights from keyword research – online market research about how customers look online for what you do. From discussing your typical customers, I’ll suggest a set of customer personas to guide the structure, content and pathways of the website. Next, I’ll produce a content architecture to meet the needs of our customer groups. Once that’s done I’ll write the copy, either from scratch, or based on what you already have or can give me. Before the website goes live, we work together to edit and fine-tune for launch. The content in a website is like the food in a restaurant. It’s not the first thing you notice, but it is the thing that matters most. Do you want to feed your customers well?

Standard Content Package

  1. Keyword research, analysis and keyword diagram

    Research identifies the most important words to use in order to be found within search, along with guidance to their best use within content.

  2. Customer Personas

    Analysis of typical customer groups is used to create a series of personas to guide content, structure and pathways through the website.

  3. Content architecture

    Based on what has been learned, I provide a recommended content/information architecture, including page headings, that meets the needs of both search engines and users.

  4. Page titles

    Page titles are still very important for search engines. I provide full page titles for all pages, optimised for search engines.

  5. All Copy

    A first draft is generally provided for outline approval. Subsequent drafts and amendments are best made on a live prototype of the website.
    Copy is written around the objectives of the website, which for most businesses is generating, sales, leads or enquiries. I use a proprietary conversion checklist to make sure we are addressing all the main issues that move customers towards buying or making contact.

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