Styling a Chinese language website

Author: Joke De Winter

I spend the morning styling a Chinese language website.

The website is the Chinese counterpart of the AST Language Services UK website. I redesigned the UK website earlier this year, and now AST would like the Chinese website to follow the same design style. Easy enough to do, as the Chinese website is much smaller and contains only the gist of the AST services (I am assuming this as I don’t speak or read Chinese).

It’s strange when you work with a language you don’t understand and the characters are made up of pretty little drawings. To me the font size looks too small and the letter spacing too tight, but looking at other Chinese websites that seems to be the norm.

Found some helpful advice on Kendra Schaefer’s site for declaring font families in CSS for both Western and Chinese fonts – in case you ever need to do the same.

Screenshot of the AST Chinese language version of their website