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Loughborough Air Conditioning

Design and installation of commercial temperature control systems.

The website for Loughborough Air Conditioning was a challenging project because of the large amount of words I had to work with and no images. The client was not in favour of using stock photography images of frozen water, cool summer breezes and anonymous smiling people wearing headsets. Instead we opted to make gallery banners of the images he and his team took on site when they service the installations of their customers.

Because all the attention is now on the words we worked with David James Ross to optimise the content for website visitors and search engines. I took time to search for a typeface that would make the text easy to read and display well on a wide range of devices and text sizes. I settled on Source Sans Pro from Google Fonts.

The website is responsive and uses Kirby for the content management system. It's the second website I have built with Kirby and I am very impressed with its ability to cope with all the customisations I added. Kirby is a flat file CMS and doesn't use a database, so it loads very fast in the browser too.

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