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Ratcliffe Chiropractic Clinic

Nottingham's leading family Chiropractic Clinic, focussing on restoring your health.

Naomi Mills, the owner/director of Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic, already had a website for her company. It was created with Concrete 5 (a content management system) and served her well for many years. But the website was losing rankings in Google, and she was unable to make the required changes to her existing website. Ranking well in Google is important to her because that is one of the main sources of new clients for her practice.

She commissioned me to redesign and rebuild the website and worked with David James Ross to improve her Google rankings. We used the bulk of the original content but made some tweaks here and there to improve readability and navigation. I developed the site with WordPress and focussed on making the site as lean as possible to improve page speed on loading the website pages.

The result is a modern looking website, with improving Google rankings (it's a long game).

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