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I like to make things.

When I was little I used Lego bricks to build houses, now I use pixels and code to design straightforward and effective marketing materials.

Hello, I am Joke.

I am a web designer and I first learned to code in the same year as the invention of the web. After a twelve year break in programming - eight of which were spent being a local press photographer - I set up a web design business in 2006, building small websites for friends to gain experience.

I design and code all websites from scratch, specialising in web standards compliant code. My clients are a range of individuals, small businesses and organisations.

Since 2016 I have also found a taste for teaching code and passing on my knowledge of web design. In 2018 I did an intensive graphic design course at Shillington, New York, to up-skill and offer graphic design services as well.

Joke sitting on a bench at a bus station in Boston, Massachusetts.

Why work with me

0001Made to measure

I will create what you need and provide custom design. Not use a template and make a few tweaks.

0010No middle man

I work with my clients on a personal level. There is no account handler between us.

0011No hidden costs

Pay a fixed price without upsells, add-ons or lock ins.

0100Made in Britain

Know that none of your design work is outsourced.

0101Industry standards

As a web designer I take pride in coding with web standards, and I regularly attend industry conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.


On completion of your project I won't leave you out in the cold.

Clients I have worked with

Uttoxeter Gymnastics, Aviation Consulting, Zachary Hunt, Revive Healthy Living Centre, Norfolk Clock Cottage, Uniscreen, Marc Redford, Neal Morgan, Julie Jackson, Camtad, JM Student Lettings, Laura Vanderloo, Catherine Plant, James Cousins, Mick Spiby, HaLD, 3rd Avenue, Limecraft, Ramon Mohamed, David James Ross, Hilary Robinson, Emgrad, Creating Identities, SJS Consultancy, Filomena Rodriguez, Jane Dearden, Mount Laboratories, Police Community Engagement for Conflict Transformation, Taste The Seasons, Anna Hart Consultancy, Mair Perkins Ltd, The Copper Tree, Petsworld Loughborough, Anime Portraits, Textile Deli, AST Languages, Revolver Revolver, Mandy Stanley, Peter James Kenny, Stage Connections, AnimatID, Strauss House Productions, Print 3D People, One Diary, We Care Clothing, Pavilion Garden Studios, Cronofy, Loughborough AC, English Country Plate, Tiny Talkers Day Nursery, Derby & Derbyshire Governance Partnership, Bradgate Electrical, Radcliffe Chiropractic Clinic, Mendz Moves, Abacus Design Associates, Kiwi Blinds, Code First: Girls, Bio Status, John Taylor & Co, Mike Damant Partnership Ltd, Focus Personal Training, Talent Liberation, Life & Light Chiropractic, Shoutout, 3DG Design, Ena Swansea, CloudSecure, EHS, David McClelland, The Home of Handmade, Cavendish Filters, RJH, BioBrillouin, Morris Industrial Transport, British Swimming, Apple & Pear Greengrocers, Richard Penny …

... and their colours

About the name Joke


The name Joke is a Dutch first name (for girls) and it comes from Hebrew meaning God is good. It’s pronounced Yoka.

However, I am not Dutch. I am Flemish (from Belgium). And in case you were wondering, yes, the combination of my first name and last name does cause for confusion on the web sometimes: Jokes about Winter.

Interested in working together?

Do you have a project in mind? Get in touch and we can discuss the best solution that will fit your needs.

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