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Continuing professional development

You are never too old to learn.

A list of conferences and courses I attended in recent years.


  • All year: Type West Online
  • 03/06/23: Now 23 Type Conference, Paris
  • 09/09/23: Fontstand Conference, Dublin
  • Sept/Oct: Intro to Devanagari (Practica Program)
  • Oct: Python for Visual Designers (Cooper Type)
  • Nov/Dec: Type Knitting (Letterform Archive)


  • Jan to March: Cyrillicsy Roman
  • May to June: Cyrillicsy Italic
  • Nov: Glyphs Kerning & Spacing (I Love Typography)


  • Sept to Nov : Practica Program for type design


  • 22/01/20 - Kirby workshop, Nottingham
  • 23/01/20 - New Adventures, Nottingham