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Abacus Design Associates

Structural and civil engineering consultancy.

Abacus Design Associates are a Loughborough company delivering bespoke engineering solutions to building projects across the United Kingdom. When the first approached me they had an existing website which did not perform very well in search engines. It was also difficult to update the content of the website.

Together with David James Ross we first worked on getting the content architecture right. Abacus has three different services they want to promote. These became the main service pages of the new website.

The design of the site kept clean and easy to navigate. Abacus were keen to have icons to identify the different services delivered for each project. I used the Noun Project to find suitable icons along a similar style. The colours of the site were inspired by the existing logo.

Abacus have an office in Loughborough and Derby and wanted a map to show their location. To keep the map style on the same line as the site design I created a minimalist map with only the necessary landmarks to show the location of each office.

The website was developed with WordPress to make updating easier.

Update 2019

Abacus were incorporated with the JMS Group, and the site is no longer live.

web design

WordPress, UX UI

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