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Mandy Stanley

Freelance Illustrator, Author, Designer

Mandy is an author and illustrator of over 80 children's books published all over the world. She had an existing website which we used as a starting point for the redesign. Because pretty pictures and web standard compliant code aren't the only component in a website I brought in the help of David James Ross who took charge of developing an online marketing strategy.

The result is a WordPress powered website with a responsive design.

Update July 2020

Mandy has begun creating her own products and for that she needs her website to be able to sell them. I used the WooCommerce plugin from WordPress to add shop functionality to the website. Together with Mandy's wonderful designs she is now geared up to sell her stuff.

At the same time we decided it was time to retire the handwritten font we had been using for section titles.

Update in 2018

The design of Mandy's site was given a little refresh. Mainly done by removing the coloured backgrounds in favour of simple white.

Original version in 2013

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