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Talent Liberation

From talent management to talent liberation.

Dr Maggi Evans is an experienced consultant with international experience across a wide range of sectors. She put her expertise down in words and wrote a book "From Talent Management to Talent Liberation". To publicise the book Maggi wanted to have a website and create a brand and logo for the book.

One of the key points in the book centres around the idea of a compass. When designing the logo I took inspiration from the compass as a way finding device, and I explored the different types of navigation without a compass. I arrived at constellations of the stars and planets and their abstract representations.

The book is published with Routledge and they were open to suggestions for the book cover design. So I made a suggestion, and they mostly went for it (my version was better).

As part of the book, Maggi developed a tool to help with the challenging questions to guide you through the Talent Compass. I designed a set of cards for this, with one question per card. There are five principles of talent liberation and each principle has its own colour.

The compass inspired logo was also applied to Maggi's business cards.

The website is developed with Kirby, and allows for easy updating of the content.

graphic design
web design

branding, print, Kirby, UX UI

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