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Making calendar integration easy.

Initially Cronofy was called One Diary. It is a shared calendar app and works with the major calendar players allowing you to share events with people simply by tagging events.

The brains behind One Diary had an existing website they designed and build with the aid of Bootstrap. It was functional, but lacked shine. I was hired me to make it look better.

Their setup involved Middleman as the static site generator, Sass as the CSS pre-processor, and Github for code collaboration. All of those were new to me, but not any more. Sass and Github I will use again regularly, and Middleman is a good alternative for websites that don't require a database.

The One Diary site was launched in September 2015.

In November 2014 Adam Bird got back in touch to say they rebranded and are now called Cronofy. They would need a new website to match the new branding. I took it as an opportunity to improve the original One Diary site into something even better and sleeker. Where the One Diary website was build using Middleman, this time round Adam opted for Cronofy to be built with WordPress so it would be easier to update as their team grows.

The new Cronofy website was launched in May 2015.

While maintaining the website I was also asked on occasion to produce marketing material for print and social media.

graphic design
web design

print, WordPress, UX UI

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