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Mendz Moves

A third-generation family business who have been moving machinery for factories for over 40 years.

Mendz Moves approached me after a friend of theirs had created them a basic WordPress website using a commercial theme, but left it unfinished. Partly because there was a lack of content. I was approached to create a unique design and build a complete WordPress website. Due to the lack of content I suggested they work together with David James Ross to create website content.

What Mendz Moves didn't lack was plenty of photographs of the factory moves they executed over the years (some of which show awesome machines - it's a shame they don't make them like that anymore). I used the images to create little galleries at the top of each page.

The design of the site is partly inspired by their logo typeface with the strong diagonal lines. I used these to add a sharp angle to the overlay colour behind text on images.

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