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Mair Perkins

Award winning freelance animator and illustrator.

For years Mair made do with a website she had made herself using Dreamweaver, but Mair's strengths are not in the field of web design (a quick look through her portfolio will tell you that she is very good at animations and illustrations). Mair contacted me to re-design and re-build her site to impress potential clients and for her to update her site without the need to dive into the code, leaving her more time to create those amazing animations.

Using Mair's extensive amount of existing content I designed her new site around that content so that it stands out and gives a clear message of her qualities, expertise and offer. I used WordPress as the content management system.



Mair's new website performed so well that on the strength of all the new business she received she decided to form a limited company in 2013. As part of that she asked me to rework the website.


Mair's animation and illustration business is now a well established company, working with clients from all over the world. In the spring of 2016 Mair approached me again to refresh her website again. This time she was after a very professional slick design. And a lot of gifs.

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